Saturday, November 25, 2006

What if God was one of us?

When I set out to do this project, I didn't really have an answer. There were questions I was interested in and those answers came from the crowd, from the people on the streets. I still don't know if the answers satisfied the questions, but that's the whole point, right? This video was done in San Francisco. What if we shot it in Dallas, Texas? What about some village in Africa? How would the people in those cities react?

I casted Carl Collins because he was a fearless actor and an imposing figure. When Carl walks down the street, you can't miss him. So the fact that "Jesus" is 6'5 and 300lbs, we can throw out the excuse that you didn't see him. I don't know if I succeeded. As a filmmaker, especially a beginning one, you try new things and experience with ideas that really are beyond least for me. That's one of the most interesting aspects of film and story. It's a crash and burn theory of working. The only negative is that your failures are there for all to see.

The most credit, if any, should be given to Carl Collins - the fearless actor who played Jesus Christ. One - for playing Jesus Christ and two - for putting himself in such a position as to improv with the public and endure their skepticism and negative responses. He knew what the majority of the public will perceive him as and he still donned the costume and did it. That's commitment.

Thanks for watching.

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