Sunday, November 12, 2006

Something about Mary running around with Sue

There's something about the golden oldies. "Runaround Sue" is one of those songs that can be re-mixed for today's audience. It's a very catchy song with great lyrics and a beat that's hard to ignore. This video was edited around the time that "Something about Mary" first came out on DVD. I was taking an editing class, tape to tape, which if you don't know, means we edited on a Sony Tape to Tape deck with linear editing.

The assignment was to make a music video with found footage. Which was nice cause I didn't have enough of my own footage to cut a music video. I loved the song before I started editing and not so much now. Not that I hate the song, no, it's still one of my favorites. But it took me around 30 hours to do all the edits and hearing the song over and over again. I don't know. Once you've heard a song over 500 times, I think, that's it. No more.

Regardless, I still love this video. Hope you enjoy it.

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