Thursday, November 16, 2006

The good old In-Out In-Out

"The good old in-out in-out" is a line from "A Clockwork Orange". The music accompanying the footage is Faithless's "Insomnia". This was my final project for an editing 1 class. Editing 1 was the first editing class I took in film school.

I had so much fun with "Something about Mary running around with Sue" that I wanted to revisit the music video genre. The other option was cutting with Beethoven's "Ode to Joy" but that piece of music runs around 9 minutes long. It would've taken me a month and all I had was two weeks.

The great thing about watching your own work is realizing how much time it took and the utter disbelief that you actually did it. This was my last major editing project. I love editing but not a big fan of 10 hour days in the editing room. It's not much different than writing but way too taxing on the body and mind.

Hope you enjoy it.

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