Sunday, October 08, 2006

Southern Film Review - episode 1

This is my favorite skirt out of all the ones we did on the three camera stage set-up. If you've never acted and never improv, then you can't really appreciate what Quinn Carlson and Jeremy Davis pulled off in the skirt. They had a bare outline of what they were going to talk about. Neither really knew what the ques were and we really had one reheasal before we went to tape. It was all done in one take.

Look at how relaxed both actors are (maybe it's the beer, they're drinking real beer) through the whole thing. Quinn's motive was to talk about these traumatic moments in his life. Jeremy's motive was to keep him in line and run the show. Even the mistakes came out funny...when Jeremy asked Quinn about what happened in the bar in "Tombstone", Quinn really didn't know what happened. At the same time, Jeremy was choking on the dip in his mouth and really needed Quinn to talk. Watch it's hilarious and honest.

Great job by both actors.

Joe Bob: Quinn Carlson
Jeff: Jeremy Davis

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