Friday, October 20, 2006

On the Street...with Hughie "Chopper" Ferguson

Asians for Asians on Television doesn't exist. We made it up. Hughie "Chopper" Ferguson doesn't exist either, but if you look closer he could be the son of Will Ferrel's character in Anchorman.

Jeremy Davis does another fine job in taking a bare-bones character and making him real. It would've been nicer if we were actually on location at CBS studios but I don't think we could've gotten the permit. Who am I kidding, we didn't even try but it would've been nice.

I'm told that Charlie Cheng, who played the President of AFAOT, really meant what he said during his interview with Ferguson. I'm not sure if they really let Asian women work on the railroads?

Hughie "Chopper" Ferguson: Jeremy Davis
Chik Leung Cheng: Charlie Cheng

Directed by Mark Katz
Written by Charlie Cheng and Jeremy Davis

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