Monday, November 05, 2007

Meaning of Life


“We lost him, Doctor!”
“I tried my best, Nurse. I really did. There’s no more we could do for him now. Let’s pack it up. He’s in God’s hands now.”

“Where am I? Hey, I’m floating! My God, I’m floating! That’s me down there. Why are they leaving? Hey, help me! No, help him, no, help me! What do they pay you for? I’m not dead. I can’t be. I can’t die. What about my wife and kids? Who’s going to take care of them? Wait a minute here.”

“I’m floating away. I’m going towards that light…it seems to yearn for me. Can that light be a doorway to heaven? It must be. I’ve got to get to that light. Am I getting closer, well, I hope so. There’s a person in front of me. I didn’t notice them before. Mom, Dad! I miss you two so much. It’s been ten years. I know I should’ve phoned more, Mom. I’m sorry. Dad, you look great. You haven’t changed a bit. Just let me hold you guys. I haven’t hugged you for so long. Hold it…Mom, Dad, the plane crash? There were no survivors.”

“Son that was the past, now you have to go into the light.”
“Your Father and I love you very much David. Remember that always.”
“But Mom, I have so much to ask you.”
“Go into the light son.”
“Mom, Dad, don’t go! Wait! No. They’re gone. The light, I have to get to the light”

“This is odd. I feel at peace with myself, like I have no care in the world. It must be that light. Everywhere I look there’s darkness. Everywhere except that glowing light. There is darkness, but I feel peaceful and at the same time, anticipation. I’m awfully close to that light. I can almost touch it.”

“I see it, I see it! Keep pushing honey.”
“I’m pushing! I’m pushing!”
“I see a head, honey, I see a head!”
“Get it out of me. Get it out of me!”
“It’s out, the baby’s out! Honey, it’s a boy, a boy! Nurse, can I hold him? Oh, look at the baby, he’s so beautiful. He looks so peaceful. What should we call him?”
“How about David?”
“Yes, David. That’s perfect.”

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