Thursday, September 28, 2006

Chinese Take-Out

Everybody loves Chinese food but it's so hard to understand the guy/girl behind the counter. Yeah, I can go to P.F. Chang's Asian Bistro but that's water-down chinese. The best Chinese food is the ghetto take-out restaurants where the people working there look like they haven't taken a day off in decades...that's who I want making my food.

Hope you enjoyed our piece about how the Chinese really feel about their customers. Do keep in mind, this is only our opinions and not all Chinese people speak prefect english behind your backs.

We shot the short with a split screen. This was also done in two takes and shot the same day as "The next Chuck Norris?".

If you like what we're doing...let us know. If you hate what we're doing...let us know.

Charlie Cheng as Chinese Guy
Quinn Carlson as White Guy

Directed by Mark Katz
Written and Produced by Charlie Cheng

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